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We take pride in our ability to provide affordable pain relief for almost all patients. Patients are usually unable to determine where the pain is coming from or what is causing it. We pride ourselves in resolving these issues for the numerous new patient emergencies that we see each week. Most emergencies can be handled in our office with rapid pain relief within minutes after being seen.

Dental emergencies commonly fall into one of the following categories:

  • Toothache (inflamed nerve)
  • Gum infection
  • Wisdom tooth infection
  • TMJ (TMD) - Jaw joint pain
  • Broken tooth
  • Broken Prosthesis (Bridge or Denture)
  • Lost filling

We handle 95% of these emergencies in our office. In most cases, once a patient is treated in our office they are able to resume their normal routine comfortably. If YOU have discomfort give us a call before it gets worse! (401) 247-1777